Linux Security

Linux server and desktop security against multiple threats
Business Suite
Efficient security for Linux computers and servers
Linux Security provides core security capabilities for Linux environments: multi-engine anti-malware and built-in firewall management, in addition to vital Integrity Checking for endpoints and servers.

  • Provides protection against unauthorized access within the corporate network
  • Can protect your mixed environment against both Windows and Linux malware
  • Scans malware on mail servers, web servers and file servers, as well as endpoints
  • Protects system files against unauthorized modifications
  • Extensive monitoring and alerting functions to notify administrators about infected content
  • Easy deployment and management with Policy Manager or a web user interface, even for multiple servers
  • Firewall management support to guard against unsafe traffic within and outside the network
  • Superior detection rates with multiple scanning engines
With Linux Security, you can protect your Linux environment against unauthorized access.
Linux Security offers integrated, out-of-the-box, ready security with real-time, manual and scheduled scanning capabilities
  • Linux Security is simple to both install and use
  • Provides the best detection rates and automated software updates
  • Suits companies of all sizes
  • Linux Security is transparent to the end user

Central Management

Manage security settings and profiles centrally


Highly advanced anti-malware platform that provides unmatched protection against viruses, trojans, rootkits and other malware

Integrity checking

Protects the system against unauthorized modification attempts and alerts administrators

Real-time protection

Continuous and automatic protection against viruses and potentially unwanted applications


Protection against unauthorized access
Superior multi-engine anti-malware protection
The clients use a proprietary, multi-engine security platform to provide superior real-time protection against viruses and worms.

  • Protects the system against malware and unwanted applications
  • Detects a broader range of malicious features, patterns, and trends, enabling more reliable and accurate detections
  • Works transparently in the background

Protection against unauthorized modification
Integrity checking is a vital security feature, as it protects the system against unauthorized modifications, which could otherwise go unnoticed.

  • Detects intrusion and prevents attackers from tampering with kernel, system files, or configurations
  • Alerts administrators about modification attempts to monitored files
  • Provides a protected installation tool to make the necessary updates to a protected system without any hassle

Protection against malicious activities
The managed firewall component protects the system against unauthorized connection attempts.

  • Several predefined security profiles to support common use cases for traffic selection
  • Easy-to-use interface to add rules for new applications and services
  • Alerts administrators about intrusion attempts

Choose the right version for your needs
Client Security comes in two predefined versions.

Compare the versions
Linux Security full edition
Linux Security command line edition
Web-based GUI
Central control
Real-time scanning
Manual Scanning
Scheduled Scanning
Operated from the command line