Password Protection
Your key to strong password security

Say goodbye to bad passwords
63% of data breaches result from weak or stolen passwords.* F-Secure Password Protection can help you minimize the risk of a data breach that could lead to a heavy fine under the new General Data Protection Regulation. Providing employees with an easy-to-use password manager makes proper password hygiene more convenient and users more productive.
* Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report.
  • Password Hygiene
    Minimize reused and weak passwords in the business environment.
  • Password Manager
    Store and manage all passwords, log-in credentials, emails, etc. securely in one place.
  • Password Generator
    Generate strong and unique passwords with one click.
  • Password Confidentiality
    All passwords are encrypted and stored locally.
  • Wachtwoordsynchronisatie
    Access all passwords across Windows and Mac platforms.
Weak passwords are at the heart of data breaches
A recent study revealed that 63% of confirmed data breaches involved passwords that were too weak or stolen. And from May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation means a data breach could lead to a fine of millions of euros. As employees work with more devices, services, software, and websites to conduct business, remembering strong passwords for everything becomes impractical. This often causes employees to seriously neglect password policies, like reusing their passwords in social media and critical business systems, or simply using weak passwords.
* Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report 2016
Prime-time blunder
A security nightmare on live TV. French TV station TV5Monde unwittingly revealed its social media passwords, shown on post-it notes on a wall behind an interviewee. It's a classic example of bad password hygiene driven by an employee's desire for convenience.
Cloud-based, centralized security management
Protection Service for Business provides central deployment, management, and monitoring of all your endpoints as well as necessary security tools, like patch management, helping to reduce maintenance and management overheads.

Peace of mind
With just one master password to use.

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Peace of mind
Users employ just one master password for this tool, which provides a unique and robust password for each password-protected site and application they use.

Ease of use
User-friendly Password Manager helps ensure a high take-up rate.

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Ease of use
No need for users to remember "yet another password". Convenient and easy password hygiene encourages high adoption rates and better security.

Central deployment
Cloud-based centralized management provides quick and efficient administration.

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Central deployment
Deployment and license management is made easy via the Management Portal. Fast and simple installation is ensured thanks to license codes built into the installation package.

Risk mitigation
Reduce the likelihood of a data breach by eliminating bad password hygiene.

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Risk mitigation
The password generator creates strong, unique passwords for your users, ensuring stronger protection against non-malware-based breach attempts using stolen, weak, or reused passwords.
No need to remember "yet another password"
With Password Manager, your users can store all their passwords, log-in credentials, accounts, and other credentials such as credit card numbers securely. They only need to remember one password to access them all. No more worries about remembering which password goes with which account.
Creating strong, unique passwords
The password generator creates strong, unique passwords for your users, via a combination of upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. You can tailor the generated password by changing its length or by removing, for example, special characters or numbers. Users can also manually input passwords for storage if required.
Strong Device-level encryption keeps data secure
Password Protection uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (with a key size of 256 bits), the recommended standard for modern data encryption. The data stored in the app is encrypted and decrypted only on individual users' devices. Every time they enter their master password, an encryption key is generated to descramble their encrypted Password Protection data.

The data stored in Password Protection cannot be accessed by anyone else. When users turn off Password Protection, the encryption key is destroyed.
Confidentiality is paramount in business environments
Unlike in competing password managers, all passwords are stored, encrypted and decrypted only on your own device. The encryption keys are live only when you use the product. This is particularly important when you wish to remain certain of the confidentiality of the passwords. Not even F-Secure can access your data. However, this means that there is no way for F-Secure to recover your master password or data.
Recovery via pre-generated QR code
The product cannot reset users' master passwords or provide a recovery code if you forget your master password. This is a conscious decision by F-Secure to increase the security and confidentiality of the Password Manager.

Each individual user can however create a unique, personal master password recovery code directly from the application, which they can store securely and use later to gain access to the Password Manager. The recovery code comes in the form of a QR code that can be saved as an image and then printed for later use. This is the only means of regaining access to the passwords, should an employee forget their Master Password.
Worry-free password protection
All password data is stored, encrypted, and decrypted locally on the device. F-Secure cannot access your passwords or recover passwords if a user forgets their master password. However, users can sync the password data with another computer, so the data is readily available on another device. This ensures that you don't need to worry if a device gets lost, stolen, or damaged, as the data will still be intact on the other device. Password synchronization is supported on Windows and Mac computers. iOS and Android support is coming soon.
Cloud-based management for increased efficiency
License Management and deployment is easy to handle centrally via the cloud-based Management Portal. Admins can view installed devices and add new users from the portal via the standard deployment flow. Users receive the details via an email and can start the installation. License codes are built into the installation package to ensure fast and simple installation. One user (one license) can install the product on up to five devices.